Our combination of technology, experience and attention to detail cleans your home better and helps add years to its lifetime. So call 804-402-3304 or click here today for a quote – one we’ll honor, no matter what. You’ve got nothing to lose but your grime.


It doesn’t matter whether your home’s exterior is wood or vinyl siding, brick, or stucco. Affordapro’s two-step pressure-washing process doesn’t just make it sparkle. We help it last for more years to come.
Our proven low-pressure (40-200 psi) spray applies specially designed, biodegradable soaps and cleaners to gently but effectively break down and dissolve mold, stains, and soil and carbon deposits that can mar your paint’s finish. (We’ve even developed our own secret formula for dissolving away cobwebs.) And because that dirt’s unevenly distributed, we constantly adjust the pressure to make sure of removing the grime but not the paint.
Then, we gently rinse the dissolved away grime away. By keeping the pressure as low as 200 psi, we make sure we’re removing only the grime, not blasting away paint or opening tiny cracks that can expose your siding and framing to mold and moisture.



Those ugly black streaks and stains on your roof aren’t dirt. They’re the handiwork of an airborne cyanobacterium called gloeocapsa magma. Its favorite foods are moisture and the limestone particles embedded in your shingles to reflect ultraviolet light and stand up to the elements.
Left alone, it will multiply, prematurely rot your shingles (and maybe even the joists supporting them), and shorten your roof’s life by years.
At Affordapro, we first apply antibacterial detergents at low pressure. Next, we use low-pressure water to gently rinse away the mold, lichen, mildew – and, most important, the bacteria – without harming the shingles. (Unlike some companies that rely on the next rainfall to wash them all off.)
This process adds a little time to our work. But that’s worth it, because it adds years to the life of your roof.



Even the best soaps and detergents can leave your windows with unsightly streaks and spots. That’s why, when Affordapro washes your outside windows, we use only pure water.


Sidewalks and Driveways

Rather than use surface detergents on oil and grease stains and other grime that’s sunken into concrete and aggregate sidewalks and driveways, our technicians use an industrial-grade surface scrubbing machine with high-power water flow to clean away years of dirt and grime. They also use great attention to detail. As one pleased homeowner wrote, they “even found a sidewalk we forgot existed.”

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